Jewish High Holy Days a Time to Celebrate, Reflect, The Winchester Star, September 21, 2017. With the arrival of autumn come the holiest days on the Jewish calendar. Beginning with Rosh Hashana and concluding with Yom Kippur, these are called the Days of Awe, or the High Holy Days. read more  [photo: Beth El Congregation members Steve Sosson (left) and David Grumbacher prepare Tuesday to change the cover of a Torah that survived the Holocaust in preparation for Rosh Hashana, which arrived Wednesday. The celebration marked the start of the faith's High Holy Days.]

Rabbi to Share Father’s Holocaust Story, The Winchester Star, April 18, 2017 “Ernst Grumbacher was arrested by the Gestapo and thrown into the Dachau concentration Camp on Nov. 9, 1938, during Kristalnacht, also known as “The Night of Shattered Glass.” read more

Jewish Families in Midst of Hanukkah, The Winchester Star, December 27, 2016. "While Christians attended Christmas Eve services on Saturday, Jewish families began their eight-day Hanukkah holiday." read more

Monday Marks Jewish New Year, Northern Virginia Daily, September 30, 2016  "The area Jewish community celebrates Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, on Monday." read more

Interim Rabbi Helping Build a Better Beth El Congregation, The Winchester Star, September 13, 2016  "Now that its previous rabbi has taken the road to retirement, members at Winchester's Beth El Congregation are working to find a new leader. In May, they hired Rabbi Peter Grumbacher to serve as . . . " read more

Rabbi Scott Sperling Retires, The Winchester Star, June 23, 2016 "Rabbi Scott Sperling spent time this week packing up his office and preparing for his last service after six years at Winchester's Beth El Congregation." read more

Sing-Along Supports Local Synagogue and Its Services, The Winchester Star, June 2, 2016  "Guests at the Alamo Drafthouse Theatre will sing along to 'If I Were a Rich Man,' 'Sunrise, Sunset' and other classic tunes during a showing of the 1971 musical 'Fiddler on the Roof.'" read more

Children at Beth El Learn How to Celebrate Purim, The Winchester Star, March 14, 2016  "Children at Beth El Congregation got messy in the kitchen on Sunday while learning about an important Jewish holiday. Young members of the synagogue, located at 520 Fairmont Ave., made hamentaschen -- triangular pastries with a variety of sweet fillings -- for the Jewish holiday Purim . . . " read more

What Goes on a Seder Plate?, Northern Virginia Daily, 4-1-15 "The following items are part of a Seder plate, according to a Passover 101 workshop handout from Rbbi Scott Sperling of Beth El Congregation in Winchester." read more